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Frugal again

We’re headed back into frugal mode. Hanging laundry and turning up the thermostat, short showers and careful shopping. I mentioned yesterday that I spent more than I would have if we’d had just a little in the savings account. I … Continue reading

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Things to stockpile, a partial list

For things that expire, only buy enough to use before the expiration date comes around, and rotate your stock (put the new purchases in back so that you’re using up the oldest products first).   pasta paper products (toilet paper, … Continue reading

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Green, thrifty, and ethical

I have been sick for a while now. I had the flu at the beginning of the holidays and am just now emerging from sinus hell. I did manage to make up the Christmas baskets for the in-laws and send … Continue reading

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Green and thrifty again

Green and thrifty, huh? I haven’t been doing much of that lately, have I? Well, I’m in school so I won’t be transcribing any recipes today, but I can chat. Green involves going vegan, saving energy and water, and reducing, … Continue reading

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Avoiding the rush

I just remade my dish and laundry detergents. I doubled the recipes so I won’t have to remake them for a good, long while. Now it’s time to “make” soap. Melt and pour hardly seems like making anything, but I … Continue reading

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The list so far…

I have been reading thrifty and frugal tips for months now. The books all beat the same drum: reduce the amount of stuff you need to be happy, reuse and fix what you have, recycle worn out things into new, … Continue reading

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Cheap isn’t thrifty

Thrifty isn’t the same as cheap. Not at all. Cheap means that your main concern is with price, quality is a secondary consideration, if at all. Thrifty people look for good deals, but quality is always a consideration. I’m willing … Continue reading

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Hello again

Hello dear friends, I know that I’ve been sadly remiss about posting this last week. I am still getting used to working swing shift at my new job and have consequently been taking lots of naps in the morning when … Continue reading

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Back to basics

Ok, so I always end up at practicality eventually. Usually. Ok, sometimes. But here’s the thing…I want a job. I want to quit school (I’ve already got one degree remember) and get any job someone will give me. I’ve been … Continue reading

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I know I’m on a green kick lately. It seems like I’ve decided to give up the whole saving money side of things, doesn’t it? Well, I haven’t. My laundry is on the line, my veggies are already starting to … Continue reading

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