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We have a large particle board armoire in the kitchen that we use as a pantry. There’s not a huge amount of storage space in our house and we gave up the one little place where we could have put … Continue reading

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Mini vacay

Last Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the U.S. The family had it off from work and school. We all ended up taking the previous Friday off as well, so it was a 4 day weekend. We did … Continue reading

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After all that stockpiling, you’re going to need to figure out where to put all of your treasures. (Ideally you figured this out before you went shopping, but anyway…) There are all kinds of places to store things. I am … Continue reading

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Things to stockpile, a partial list

For things that expire, only buy enough to use before the expiration date comes around, and rotate your stock (put the new purchases in back so that you’re using up the oldest products first).   pasta paper products (toilet paper, … Continue reading

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Shopping is fun again!

Today I went grocery shopping and found several things at stock up prices. I bought as much as I could reasonably afford and will try to go back after I’ve sold back my textbooks this afternoon. My husband likes a … Continue reading

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GIVEAWAYS!!!  Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win two books, or follow the link to another great blogger’s giveaway! Stockpiling. Many people do it on a small scale – like having one or two extra jars of peanut … Continue reading

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