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Books: when is enough, enough?

I bought  about 10 books for Valentine’s Day. They are still arriving. Before that I had gotten a dozen from Let The Stories Live On – a newly discovered used bookstore online whose prices beat Amazon’s, what with their free … Continue reading

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I’ve been talking about how tight our budget is about to get with this next paycheck. I’m pulling a fast one on us though. We both get disability from the Navy. It gets delivered to the old bank. I’m leaving … Continue reading

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Saving money

I had a lesson in the change in mindset I’m going through about saving money vs. not spending it. When I went to talk to the trainer about sessions, he gave me the spiel and showed me that i could … Continue reading

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  I’m headed in the right direction even if I get small setbacks along the way. I had my “Ah-ha!” moment yesterday and I’m riding high on that. We will still go out to dinner and go to the movies … Continue reading

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Book mid- read review: The Average Family’s Guide to Financial Fredom

I’m now reading another book. This one is from 2000 and is called The Average Family’s Guide to Financial Freedom. It’s a guide to how one family, living on $65,000 a year, built a new worth of $450,000 in just … Continue reading

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I’m sitting here listening to 80’s alternative music and it’s bringing back so many memories. This is right after punk was big and when this stuff was called New Wave. I have a punk channel as well, but I’m in … Continue reading

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Online shopping

Yes, I did some. I ordered a pair of vegan boots to replace the several pairs of leather boots that I’m finally getting rid of. On the plus side, my favorite pairs of sandals and one pair of boots that … Continue reading

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Spending fast

It’s going well so far. Younger Boy’s birthday party was Sunday so we spent on food and a small cake for that, as well as some veggies and fruits for the week. We also filled up our gas tanks because … Continue reading

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Hip Deep and a budget

I’m deep into the frugal genre again and loving it. I feel more like myself. I have let everything go for a while and, as a result I’ve gained weight and debt. Time to do something about both. We’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Back to it

Well, I’m being forced back into frugality starting next month. Actually, starting this paycheck if I don’t want to be too squeezed. We have a car. It’s 10 years old. We have another car that is newer and reliable and … Continue reading

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