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School and philosophy

Microbiology is hard. Lets just get this said. It’s especially difficult for someone who is more English and history oriented. I find science fascinating, I just have to work at it. The other class I’m taking is sociology. Absolutely right … Continue reading

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My environmentalism

It’s funny, I don’t generally go outside much. Given my ‘druthers, I’d stay inside, curled up on the couch, reading a book. But when I do go out, I invariably feel better. Fresh air freshens my outlook and my attitude. … Continue reading

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Why does she keep going on about being green?

I know, where have the thrifty tips gone, right? Well, I’ve shared some of my favorites and I will continue to do so as I stumble upon more. But there are reasons I want to be thrifty, and being able … Continue reading

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I am a punk rocker. I have a history of mohawks and every color hair imaginable. One of the ideas that I, and many others, grew up with was the idea of helping those who couldn’t help themselves. It was … Continue reading

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