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Poverty mindset?

Hubby and I were talking the other day. We are short on money until Friday when we get paid. We have money in savings, but it’s earmarked for our vacation over the summer. We have dipped into it a few … Continue reading

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Classic Rock and Doing Bills, oh, and CARNITAS!!!

Listening to classic rock and just finished paying bills. I love that I can pay bills in advance. I have already looked at how much we are getting this check and can schedule payments on the computer. Too cool.   … Continue reading

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Expensive week

So, we weren’t as thrifty this paycheck as we should have been. We’re quite low on money at the mo. However, it went to good causes. I bought a work wardrobe (mostly cargo pants and polo shirts, but enough to … Continue reading

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Well, I have had some serious thinking going on the last several days. Thankfully, my darling husband was there to provide some much needed grounding and support. I am severely amped up about this job that I may start sometime … Continue reading

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Paying things off, someday

We should start getting the extra money in Hubby’s paycheck next week from cancelling his retirement savings for the year. I’m excited to get started paying off the credit card. It’s going to be a challenge though. I need to … Continue reading

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Game on!

It’s looking better for moving next year after all! Yay! I talked to some actual mortgage people rather than just the lady at the bank who does customer service, and they all (three different people) said that not only would … Continue reading

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Financial house cleaning

As advised in all of the personal finance books, we are getting our financial house in order. We already have wills that were drawn up less than 5 years ago. We are looking at insurance now. Life insurance isn’t cheap … Continue reading

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Book review: Start Late and Finish Rich

Again, I’m only about half way through this one. This one relies on the principle of Pay Yourself First. He advocates $10 a day. If you are in debt, $5 of it should go to debt and $5 of it … Continue reading

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Mom vs. money

Older Boy has quit karate. As a Mom I am not terribly happy about it, it got him out of the house and kept him active. He was good at it and enjoyed it for a long time. As a … Continue reading

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Book review: author Carl Richards

I read two books by him recently: The Behavior Gap and The One-Page Financial Plan. Both were good. The one page financial plan is about finding out why you want money and making sure that your spending and plan revolves around that. … Continue reading

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