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So, remember how I said that I’d watched the documentary Food, Inc and read a couple of books about the same kinds of things? I said that I’d been having trouble eating meat. Well, I still am. However, I have … Continue reading

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The meat and animal dilemma

I am itching for some chickens. I am reading about backyard homesteads and it seems that we could get chickens now. Granted, I want to do some more reading about how to care for them, but we could be well … Continue reading

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Book and an ethical dilemma

Sorry I haven’t been around much this week, sickness has struck the house. Just colds but everyone got it, one after the other. So, I’m in the middle of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and it’s just as good/horrifying as Food, Inc. … Continue reading

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Food choices

See yesterday’s post for exciting GIVEAWAYS! Don’t forget to comment for your chance to win! So I went to the farmer’s market and priced Polyface Farm’s meats. It was prohibitively expensive for us. Instead I went to a butcher locally … Continue reading

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Meat preservation

I just read about pressure canning on My Foray Into Food Storage here on WordPress. I have to admit, it kind of freaks me out. Exploding canners and potentially life threatening bacteria… uh, no. But I know that there is … Continue reading

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The life of a carnivore

We are a family of meat eaters. Poultry, chicken, beef, we eat them all. One of the things I did a while back that I may do again was buy a bulk package at the butcher. Most butchers have them … Continue reading

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