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Hi all, I’m still alive! The bathroom is coming along nicely. We have achieved floor, walls (painted even!), toilet, vanity with working sink, trim work, light fixture (which took 3 hours!), and tub. We still need to hook up the … Continue reading

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Cleaning day

Grand Spring cleaning day. I’ve already gotten the bathroom, kitchen, and desk. I’m washing sheets and blankets. I still need to vacuum downstairs and change the cat litter. I refuse to get dressed today though – I’m cleaning in my … Continue reading

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Cleaning and kids

Some days I really miss the manias that came with uncontrolled bipolar. I used to get so much done! As it is, I get distracted easily and go from one project to another, never really finishing any of them, until … Continue reading

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The boys have chores now. Older Boy does dishes and Younger Boy cleans up the living room and their room. Younger Boy also has homework these days. That leaves me with less to do which is nice. Today I’m catching … Continue reading

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