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I’ve been talking a lot about my birthday. I do apologize. It’s a hard one for me though. It’s dumb because there’s nothing I can do about it. Intellectually I know that it’s fine, but emotionally is taking some time to … Continue reading

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Thrifty rabbit hole

I’m heading down the thrifty things rabbit hole. I have scads of books on the subject and I’m starting research for the book as well. Yes, I decided to write the book that I’ve been searching for. If you have … Continue reading

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Cheap isn’t thrifty

Thrifty isn’t the same as cheap. Not at all. Cheap means that your main concern is with price, quality is a secondary consideration, if at all. Thrifty people look for good deals, but quality is always a consideration. I’m willing … Continue reading

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Hello again

Hello dear friends, I know that I’ve been sadly remiss about posting this last week. I am still getting used to working swing shift at my new job and have consequently been taking lots of naps in the morning when … Continue reading

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Back to basics

Ok, so I always end up at practicality eventually. Usually. Ok, sometimes. But here’s the thing…I want a job. I want to quit school (I’ve already got one degree remember) and get any job someone will give me. I’ve been … Continue reading

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This is a big one. Having been a spendthrift, I have stuff. So now, trying to become frugal, I don’t feel the need for anything much except food, the occasional book, and whatever new Marvel movie is out on Blu … Continue reading

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Thrifty tips!

Wow, I’ve been super theory, chatty girl lately. So, in the spirit of concrete tips, here are some things that I didn’t even know were things until recently. I haven’t tried most of these yet, but now that I know … Continue reading

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I know I’m on a green kick lately. It seems like I’ve decided to give up the whole saving money side of things, doesn’t it? Well, I haven’t. My laundry is on the line, my veggies are already starting to … Continue reading

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Books and a sliding scale

My brain got locked up yesterday. As hard as I tried to focus on reading for school, I couldn’t read more than a few paragraphs at a time. It doesn’t help that I don’t really care for either of the … Continue reading

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Start where you are

Goodness knows, I am not perfect. I am a work in progress. This has become one of my favorite quotes along the way. I am edging 40 years old. I am a wife and mother. I am still finding my … Continue reading

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