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Homemade stuff

I tweaked my deodorant recipe to the one I published last week and it seems to have cleared up the discoloration and irritation. It works just as well, too. Same great smell, same great odor fighting. I sweat a little … Continue reading

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Book Review: All You Need Is Less

This book is fantastic. It’s by Madeline Somerville and she is a riot. She gleefully throws her husband under the bus as well as herself, all in pursuit of a greener lifestyle. I laughed out loud several times and read … Continue reading

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Falling out of consumerism

I have done many silly things in my life. Especially as concerns shopping. I’ve just emerged from one, in fact. Let me tell you. I wanted to buy more eco-friendly products. A laudable goal, I’m sure you’ll agree. I also … Continue reading

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Yesterday I wondered how to decide what to dedicate my time and money to once I am financially independent. I’m still years away from that, but it makes sense to me to think about it now because there are things … Continue reading

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The list so far…

I have been reading thrifty and frugal tips for months now. The books all beat the same drum: reduce the amount of stuff you need to be happy, reuse and fix what you have, recycle worn out things into new, … Continue reading

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Human testing

So, my husband is my guinea pig. He’s normal in that he doesn’t mind doing what’s eco-friendly as long as it’s not too much of a pain. Composting isn’t too bad because it’s just throwing food away in a different … Continue reading

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Maybe this is the year…

Maybe this year I’ll finally become the outdoorsy type. I loved getting dirty planting. My boys loved playing in the dirt pile, and my husband loved building the raised bed box for me. It was a win all around. I … Continue reading

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Nature is personal

I see the beauty in the natural world around me. Usually I see it through a window, from my comfy perch inside. I wish I were a more lyrical writer. A better wordsmith. I could make you see the wonder … Continue reading

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One of the challenges of the environmental movement is blending a concern for the great problems of global warming and scarce natural resources with the appreciation of the nature that’s personal. Of course we all want to save the planet, … Continue reading

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Greening a business

Happy Pi Day! 3.14! Ok, so I’m a nerd. My son is one, too. He knows Pi to ten digits. Yeah, I’m raising him right. Employment has been on my mind lately. I am in a bad position to get … Continue reading

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