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Cheap goods

In a topic related to yesterday’s post, let’s talk cheap goods. We tend to think of these goods as being made in a sweatshop in China, don’t we? China or some country that’s just starting to develop. And, we’d probably … Continue reading

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So. Many. Ethics.

I went out with one of my dear friends yesterday and we had a lovely time. We went to lunch at a place called Jason’s Deli. It’s a chain but their salad bar is all organic, their prices are very … Continue reading

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The ethics of cheap

I’ve been thinking about the ethics of cheap goods since I read that last book, Cheap. She pointed out some truths that I hadn’t wanted to think about. Cheap goods are often made in China or the developing world where … Continue reading

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Book review: Cheap

Cheap by Ellen Ruppert Shell is a good book; it is making me reconsider some of the ways I shop. She has taken a look at the history of discount cluture by looking at the beginnings of stores like Woolworth, … Continue reading

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Cheap isn’t thrifty

Thrifty isn’t the same as cheap. Not at all. Cheap means that your main concern is with price, quality is a secondary consideration, if at all. Thrifty people look for good deals, but quality is always a consideration. I’m willing … Continue reading

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Frugal myths

Being frugal is absolutely a choice. It must be a conscious decision to spend your money wisely. Unconscious or status spending is what gets us in trouble! Especially with the economy settling into a new normal after the Great Recession, … Continue reading

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