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Classic Rock and Doing Bills, oh, and CARNITAS!!!

Listening to classic rock and just finished paying bills. I love that I can pay bills in advance. I have already looked at how much we are getting this check and can schedule payments on the computer. Too cool.   … Continue reading

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A plan

Hubby and I sat down a couple of days ago and realized that we were going to have to make our summer plans quite soon. We are getting our tax return and that’s what’s going to pay for our little end-of-summer … Continue reading

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Budget update

Just redid the budget to take my personal training and Older Boy’s lack of karate into account. The disability money is going to be what we have to pay towards debt. There is only a little wiggle room in the … Continue reading

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Back to it

Zen I tell ya’! Hanging laundry while listening to punk music is the way to go. The garment rack isn’t wobbly either. Life is good.   I’m still reading the Frugal Living for Dummies book. I took a few days … Continue reading

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Hip Deep and a budget

I’m deep into the frugal genre again and loving it. I feel more like myself. I have let everything go for a while and, as a result I’ve gained weight and debt. Time to do something about both. We’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Budget with the boy update

Once again I have a mountain of laundry. This time it’s at least clean. I am putting off doing homework as well. Horrible of me. Last night I went through the budget with my son. We did the entire month. … Continue reading

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Budgeting with kids

Last night I told my son that tuition had gone up significantly this year so he wouldn’t be able to stay after school just to play. We don’t have any extra money laying around. He asked if his $4 would … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but this has never worked for me. It doesn’t leave any room for finding a great deal on groceries and stocking up, or those days when you just really need a new pair of shoes … Continue reading

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