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Slow days

Things are getting slow around our house these days. The routine is kicking in. I registered the kids for three weeks of summer camp. Really it’s just to give me a break and allow them some extra play and sun. … Continue reading

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Epic Fail

Well, it happened. I failed a class. Through my own dumb fault and without any possibility of redemption. Now I am going to have to sit out for 5 weeks until the class comes round again and hope that there’s … Continue reading

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On being a nurse

I originally decided to go to nursing school because it fit my criteria (non-traditional, helping kind of job), the school was short, and I could make decent money out the other end. It’s become a thing now though. The school … Continue reading

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Well, so far obstetrics is about how I remember it. Granted, I’ve only been in it for 1 day, but I remember the process of having my kids and nothing has changed too dramatically. As things progress we’ll be learning … Continue reading

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I feel like a puppy. I have had to get all my shots for school. Thankfully, I am done with them (for now). I am protected from things that it’s possible to be protected against. I will have to get … Continue reading

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Psych stuff about addiction

I have had to go to a Narcotics Anonymous and an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for class. It was interesting and it’s really wonderful that these organizations exist. For those who don’t know, these are support groups for alcoholics trying to … Continue reading

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