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Debt confession

I grew up a spender. When we wanted something, we got it if it was reasonable. I kept doing that even though I didn’t have the kind of money that my parents did after 30 years of working. I am … Continue reading

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Paying things off, someday

We should start getting the extra money in Hubby’s paycheck next week from cancelling his retirement savings for the year. I’m excited to get started paying off the credit card. It’s going to be a challenge though. I need to … Continue reading

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Sick but reading

Sorry guys, I am sick. Caught it from Older Boy and it stinks. Hubby might have it as well. Sore throat, fuzzy head, and sniffles. I knew Older Boy was sick because Saturday he spent most of the day cuddled … Continue reading

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Diet and groceries and exercise, oh my!

It isn’t going great. I gave myself a huge pep talk last night about how I could do this and this time I was going to lose all the weight. And then I went grocery shopping hungry. Duh. So, I … Continue reading

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Backing off a little

I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad and thought it had some super points in it. I got sparked a little bit and started telling my husband about personal corporations, and investment properties, and things like that. I worried him a little. … Continue reading

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All is not lost

I have finally figured out that all is not lost just because you fall down once or twice. I used to be a very all-or-nothing kind of thinker. I have finally come around to seeing that one bad day, or … Continue reading

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