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Random stuff

I was able to buy my two pound block of glycerin soap yesterday. $5.89. Not bad for a dozen bars of soap. That’s 50 cents a bar. It’s olive oil glycerin soap. I figure I should try the olive oil … Continue reading

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Plans always change

In this case, it doesn’t look like we’ll be moving next year after all. There’s work that needs to be done to the house, there’s Disney coming up that can’t be put off anymore, and we need some substantial savings … Continue reading

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Cleaning day

Grand Spring cleaning day. I’ve already gotten the bathroom, kitchen, and desk. I’m washing sheets and blankets. I still need to vacuum downstairs and change the cat litter. I refuse to get dressed today though – I’m cleaning in my … Continue reading

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So many socks!

I’ve been hanging laundry and actually keeping up with it, but yesterday I did a load that seemed to have every sock in the house in it. I hang socks and washcloths over the top of the garment rack to … Continue reading

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Early bird

This early bird was up at 3 AM. Yuck. I’m going to want a nap by the time I take the kids to school but, I have an appointment with my trainer and some little bit of grocery shopping to … Continue reading

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Chores and fitness

Took the day off school. I’m not feeling tops and I really just couldn’t face it. I got dressed for school, dropped the kids off, and came right back home and went back to bed. Some days are like that. … Continue reading

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I’m feeling philosophical today and have written 4 different posts so far and trashed all of them. This isn’t the place for meditating on the great cosmic lottery or how different my life has turned out from what I thought … Continue reading

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Well, crud

Remember how I said that my garment rack worked just as well outside as it did in? Well, not so much. It’s an inexpensive rack ($10) and fell apart with the first breeze. Darn it! The clothes were dry though. … Continue reading

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Hot laundry

Ha! Summertime laundry is easy! I finally got back to hanging laundry. I have a garment rack that I use now that my clotheslines are gone to make room for the kids’ bunk beds. I moved it outside once I’d … Continue reading

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