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Beautiful chaos

I’ve been working for two months now and it’s been actually pretty great. I’m learning new things and meeting new people. This feels like a place I can stay for a good, long while (provided I pass the school!). It … Continue reading

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We found it

I am super anxious about the new job. I start on Monday and I’m positively worked up into a frenzy about it. It’s a huge change for me since I haven’t had a chance at a career in over 15 … Continue reading

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Game on!

It’s looking better for moving next year after all! Yay! I talked to some actual mortgage people rather than just the lady at the bank who does customer service, and they all (three different people) said that not only would … Continue reading

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Pictures are here! And we’re moving in a year.

Now it’s time to start figuring out how they should go on the wall. I have some ideas, but we’ll have to actually lay them out and see. Our home is going to be a temple to us. We have … Continue reading

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Back to financial books

I’m headed back into finances. With our money messed up, we’re on an enforced spending fast. So, back to reading about money. This time it’ll be about how whatever you have is enough. You Don’t Have To Be Rich by Jean … Continue reading

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Future dreaming

I looked at houses on the internet yesterday. I wanted to give myself an idea of what was available in the area and how much we might have to pay for the kind of home and land we wanted. It … Continue reading

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