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Beautiful chaos

I’ve been working for two months now and it’s been actually pretty great. I’m learning new things and meeting new people. This feels like a place I can stay for a good, long while (provided I pass the school!). It … Continue reading

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In what feels like a betrayal of everything I’ve tried to be the last couple of years, I realized the other night that I truly am a child of the 80’s. I want the big house with the nice car. … Continue reading

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New Construction

New developments in the home front. We have decided to consider new construction homes. I hadn’t thought about it before now, but it seems like a good idea. The house is move-in ready, you get to pick colors, nothing needs … Continue reading

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Pictures are here! And we’re moving in a year.

Now it’s time to start figuring out how they should go on the wall. I have some ideas, but we’ll have to actually lay them out and see. Our home is going to be a temple to us. We have … Continue reading

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Hi all, I’m still alive! The bathroom is coming along nicely. We have achieved floor, walls (painted even!), toilet, vanity with working sink, trim work, light fixture (which took 3 hours!), and tub. We still need to hook up the … Continue reading

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Pictures and parents

My parents are coming into town soon and I have managed to set up a date when all the parents (mine and Hubby’s) are available to get pictures taken of the family all together. Hubby asked about having his sister … Continue reading

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Parents and bathrooms

In a week or so, my parents are coming out so that Dad can help me finish the upstairs bathroom once and for all, and so that we can get family portraits taken with both sets of grandparents and our family. … Continue reading

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All of the boys are out back with my father in law, rebuilding the fence that blew down earlier this week. All I can hear is the sound of hammering. Older Boy is in charge of hammering loose boards down, … Continue reading

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We have a large particle board armoire in the kitchen that we use as a pantry. There’s not a huge amount of storage space in our house and we gave up the one little place where we could have put … Continue reading

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Back to financial books

I’m headed back into finances. With our money messed up, we’re on an enforced spending fast. So, back to reading about money. This time it’ll be about how whatever you have is enough. You Don’t Have To Be Rich by Jean … Continue reading

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