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So many socks!

I’ve been hanging laundry and actually keeping up with it, but yesterday I did a load that seemed to have every sock in the house in it. I hang socks and washcloths over the top of the garment rack to … Continue reading

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Cheap goods

In a topic related to yesterday’s post, let’s talk cheap goods. We tend to think of these goods as being made in a sweatshop in China, don’t we? China or some country that’s just starting to develop. And, we’d probably … Continue reading

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Sewing for dummies

Well, my hair falls in perfect 1920’s – 30’s finger waves these days. I mean perfect. And there’s nothing I can do about it. So, I have decided to embrace it. I ordered a 1930’s button dress pattern and bought … Continue reading

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Frugal myths

Being frugal is absolutely a choice. It must be a conscious decision to spend your money wisely. Unconscious or status spending is what gets us in trouble! Especially with the economy settling into a new normal after the Great Recession, … Continue reading

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An almost victory

This may seem like a no brainer, but I just started patching the holes in clothes. Prior to this my little spendthrift self would toss a shirt or a pair of pants that had a hole – it was from … Continue reading

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Clothepins in my mouth

Well, we’ve come to one of my favorite things – hanging laundry. I’m the first to tell you, I’m lazy. L-A-Z-Y. I’m one of those people who will wash and dry the clothes then leave them in a pile until … Continue reading

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