Everyone says that if you make what you’re passionate about your work, you’ll never work a day in your life. What does it say about me that I’ve never found that passion? I’m 45 years old. I love English, reading, political science and philosophy, regular philosophy, watching my plants grow, writing journals and, now, this blog, and raising my kids. None of which screams out moneymaker to me. Am I doomed to spend my life doing jobs I don’t like? Spending the majority of my day drudging around, wishing I were somewhere else? Is that what most people do?

I love planning things but I have no formal project planning experience. My crafts all get to the making a plan to finish it and getting all of the supplies but not actually doing it stage. It feels as though I’m done and have gotten what I needed from it when I have the supplies ready and have done a little corner of something to prove that I can do it. Maybe event planning or wedding planing? Neither really speaks to me but who knows? All I know so far is that I had a job I liked and couldn’t stay in and then had jobs that I stunk at and didn’t really like.

I was lucky in that I got to spend my 30’s home with the kids. I am lucky to be doing it again this year to homeschool them. I am passionate about raising them to be good people and that seems to be going well enough. A bit sarcastc and sweary, but good people. But, that means that I don’t have experience in the workplace. I have plenty of experience in school. It has been my safe place and the place I retreat to to learn new skills and switch industries (or try to).

Passions are tricky things. Some people know theirs from the time they are very young children and others never find them. I want to find mine. I am searching dilligently. Nada so far. But I am interested in the subject. What are your passions? Are any of them fit for actual work? Do you do them that way or do you use them as hobbies and work a day job to afford your passion?

I will keep looking for mine and try new things as I can. I’m not giving up.

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