Things that work and things that don’t

Quarantine and semi-quarantine have changed the way we live. I am high risk so I barely leave the house these days. We have our groceries delivered. We tip more generously than we used to. We get food delivered more than we used to. All wasteful things but things that are helping the economy and helping keep people somewhat employed we hope.

Ordering groceries online has helped lower my grocery bill significantly though. I am spending as much as $100 less per trip than I used to when I wandered the aisles. Given that, I can afford to have groceries delivered and tip generously. Getting food delivered has calmed down some now that I am more organized with my shopping trips, but we still do it. It’s the Covid equivalent to eating out. We used to do that a lot. We order in less often than we used to go out.

We don’t hang laundry anymore because the older child does laundry as his chore. After 6 months I have finally gotten him to sort it out and deliver it to rooms. Not fold it, but sort and deliver piles of clothing. He’d never hang it and I’d get annoyed at how he did it wrong if he did. Younger boy does dishes. The free labor is a great benefit of having kids!

Amazon has been a thing during the time away from regular life. Dearest husband discovered it. Yikes! And Older Boy has discovered combat light sabers. He asked for money from everyone for his birthday so he could get more light sabers. We currently have 4 running around the house because Husband likes them too. <sigh> That’s going to end except for Christmas and birthdays though. They aren’t cheap. So, I’m going to have to regulate Amazon shopping from here on out a little more vigorously. 2 incomes was a little different. We are living just fine on one, but we can’t keep spending like we have two.

Homemade soaps have never bothered anyone except maybe not wanting to smell “like a girl”. Homemade laundry detergent won’t be a huge thing with Older Boy, it’s just going to mean leaving a measuring device in the tub with the mix. I haven’t tried making my own dish detergent yet, mainly because sugar free lemon drink mix is hard to find around here. I remember that was the thing that stopped me last time.

I bought a turning compost bin but the family didn’t follow my directions about which side to put things in and now both sides are out of balance with brown and green and it’s just gross. So much so that my husband banned it. He has moved it away from the door and refuses to allow the mini bin in the kitchen. It was sitting too long and getting gross because we weren’t filling it fast enough to keep things from deteriorating in the bag. Yet another failed experiment. I might get husband to allow it if I start cooking again seriously.

I didn’t keep many of the green and thrifty behavious when I went back to work. It’s difficult to do and I didn’t do it. So, I will be researching and looking for new behaviours and old ones that worked that I can implement. Online grocery shopping is the one that I can wholeheartedly recommend though. If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t tried it yet, it can save so much over just wandering. Try it this week and see!

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