My little garden

According to my husband I should be able to plant this weekend. He started building my little garden last weekend but fizzled out of momentum. I am excited, I have probably a dozen kinds of seeds – I got excited looking through the seed catalog and ordered everything I wanted to plant ever. That’s OK though, my little garden is not actually going to be that little so it will accommodate many of the varieties I want to plant. The plan is to build me an 8′ X 3′ raised garden bed. Not that small. My husband was going to build it 8′ X 4′ but remembered that I am short, with short arms, and he didn’t want me to have to bend and stretch to reach the plants in the middle of the bed. Isn’t he the best?

Most of the plants I have are salad greens and add-ins. I have tomatoes, not for salads because I don’t like raw tomatoes, but for pasta sauces and pizza sauce to can later in the year. I have micro greens, which I have never grown before. I wonder if I need to plant them later so they mature along with the lettuces and not before. I will figure that out pretty quickly I guess. I’ll plant a little test patch. I have lettuces galore and broccoli that can be grown until the frosts come. I have watermelon and peas to snack on right off the plant. (I never knew that peas were little balls of sweetness until I tried one right out of the pod a few years ago. Much better than the mush that comes out of a can!)

I am so excited to get things in the ground. I want to sit on the back porch and watch them grow. I want to weed and get my hands dirty. To feel the rich soil between my fingers and know that I am growing food for the family that is free from waxes and pesticides and harsh fertilizers. Truly organic gardening. I know that doesn’t make it any more nutritious than things I buy at the store, but it sure tastes better when I pick it out of the garden, bring it inside, and use it for dinner.

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