Hello, hello!

I’ve been working and the housework has been slipping. We are letting it pile up until the weekends and it’s getting out of hand. Papers are piling up from the week, laundry is piling up (meaning that it’s getting dried instead of hung), and meal planning is gone. I have been sticking to our usual budget though, and we’re (slowly) getting a little saved. We are going to need quite a bit more in a short amount of time if we want to get the house ready to sell soon, but I’m working on it. That’s the other thing, it’s about time to start getting the house ready to sell. That means we can’t leave housework for the weekends as we are going to have to spend weekends packing and painting and finishing. Ugh!


Things are about to get very stressful.


Work is going well, I finished the first bit of school and did well. I’m off to the next bit soon, and then it’s a sprint to the finish for 6 months. Yikes! And the move will be right in the middle of that. It’s going to be rough. But, our family motto is (or should be), “We Shall Persevere!” And we shall.


Being green has been average. We are not doing as much as we used to, but we are still doing about as much as the average family. Lights off, recycling, setting the thermostat appropriately, that sort of thing. Not the greatest, but it’s nice to know that my efforts have paid off in the habits that I acquired.


Thrifty. Well, thrifty is a little harder. Like I said, I’ve been sticking to our regular budget, but I should be reducing it to get to the totals we need to put new carpet in the house and still have money to pay the kids’ tuition. This is the last year that they’re going to private school, so that’s nice at least. We are moving to a better school district so that they can go to public school. It’s going to be a big change for them, but they’ll adjust. Anyway, I have been online window shopping for the new house. So far, replacing every stick of furniture in the house with my dream stuff is only going to cost $22,000!  A bargain! The problem is, wish listing a $3,500 bedroom set makes it a lot easier to spend $30 on something stupid in real life. We haven’t been doing too poorly, but I do need to step up our saving efforts. Shopping from lists and meal planning is going to be key going forward. Planned left overs will be another thing that needs to happen. That way we can bring good, filling food for lunches the next day. We have both been going out to lunch more often than is good for our wallets or our waistlines.


Overall, we aren’t doing too badly. The biggest challenge is housework right now. So, I’m off to do laundry, bye!

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