We found it

I am super anxious about the new job. I start on Monday and I’m positively worked up into a frenzy about it. It’s a huge change for me since I haven’t had a chance at a career in over 15 years. To alleviate that stress, I’ve been obsessing about a few things. One of which was the new construction houses that we were going to look at. I have been running numbers (my favorite stress reliever) like crazy for a week and a half. I have been looking at houses for a few months and seeing what was out there. The idea for new construction was a new one, but I immediately started poring over floor plans in an effort to see what was out there, and what kind of things we wanted or were deal breakers. My real estate agent sent me a list of the places she wanted to take us to visit and I immediately started scrutinizing the plans for those developments.


We found one. We saw several houses that I had specifically picked out as having everything we wanted. The last house was the one. It is in a spectacular location, we will not be the most expensive house in the area (by a long shot), the lot is a good size – there will be room for the kids to play – and it literally has everything we’ve ever dreamed of in a home. We sat down with the guy from the builders and looked at what upgrades we might want and what that would do to the price of the home. We got an idea of what we would qualify for, and what lot we wanted. Basically we went through most of the process with him, and we can afford it. There will be a couple of lean months while the kids are still in school, but Hubby is going to work overtime in the next several months to give us the savings we need to get through it. I ran more numbers this morning, the most pessimistic I could be (interest rates go up half a point, we add another $75 a month to the mortgage payment on top of that), and we can do it.


I called Sandy Stokes (ERA realty, Hampton Roads), our incredible real estate agent, and set the wheels in motion. We slept on it and we both adore the home, the area, and the lot that we’ve chosen. Even my skeptical Hubby is convinced. I am freaking out a tad right now because we are about to sign papers to have our dream home built just for us. It’s surreal. It’s so much money! But, we won’t close on the place until next April or so, and the first payment won’t be due until May. That leaves two months until the kids get out of school. Even assuming the house that we’re in now doesn’t sell by then, we could still afford the mortgage once my income isn’t going towards tuition anymore.


It drives my husband nuts that I am always telling him we are broke. Generally we have a ton of money going towards savings or debt, so we don’t have huge amounts to just throw around. When we get down to about $200 in checking for the next week, I start telling him we are broke. Running the numbers for this house has shown him just how not broke we are. It was eye opening for him. He hasn’t done the finances in a decade and really has no idea where the money goes or how much we have. All he knows is that I keep telling him we’re broke every pay period. Lol! Now he’s wondering why he doesn’t get to spend more money! Poor man. But, for the foreseeable future, we are going to be tight, with everything going towards savings again. He’ll catch a break eventually, but it won’t be for another seven months or so.


We already know that we are going to be living in a half-furnished house for a while. We’re not going to rush out and buy all new everything (except a refrigerator, we’re going to need one of those), so we’re going to have to get by without furnishing a couple of rooms. We’re not immediately going to get a dining set for the dining room. One of the bedrooms won’t have anything in it. That’s OK though. As time goes on it will be fun picking out the perfect pieces to go in each room and know that we aren’t going into any more debt to do it.


I am super excited. I’m sorry this was such a long one!

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1 Response to We found it

  1. youmeanme says:

    So happy for you guys!
    Too funny about being broke! I’m the same way 🙂

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