New Construction

New developments in the home front. We have decided to consider new construction homes. I hadn’t thought about it before now, but it seems like a good idea. The house is move-in ready, you get to pick colors, nothing needs to be replaced or fixed right off the bat, and you have a warranty. Apparently they usually take six or seven months to build which gives us plenty of time to get our house fixed up and ready to sell. I have a realtor already (the one who sold us the home we’re in now – she’s amazing and wonderful and I can’t say enough good things about Sandy Stokes, ERA realtor in Hampton Roads, Virginia) and she’s going to take me around Thursday afternoon so I can see a few that I’m interested in.


I’m super excited. It was hard to go to sleep last night for all of the plans and numbers running around in my head. We need about six months to save up enough to be able to move, but I can totally do it. Seven or eight months would be easier, but I can do it in six. Hubby is more motivated to try to be strict with our money and do the tighter amount now that there is the possibility of actually moving soon. We are in awe of the fact that we might be able to afford the house model that we are looking at. It has everything we have wanted in a house since we started thinking about homes before we bought this one.


Yes, I have already picked out the house that I like best so far. Like I said, it has everything. I’m going to look at several others with Sandy, but they are going to have to be spectacular to live up to the promise of this one. Now, I’ve only seen the plans for it, I’m hoping to get inside one to see it Thursday. We’re getting a preapproval letter from the bank already. I just applied for it, so we’ll see what they say we can get. We already know that we qualify for this house (if they are true to their own calculators on their website), but we may be able to get a couple of optional features as well.


We are planning on stretching a little initially for the house payment. I am starting work next week and I WILL make it through this school (I have made it through every other school I’ve ever been in and done well, I WILL do well in this one, too.) because, not only am I smart, but I am determined, and I will have as much help as I need. In a year I’ll get a raise and every year after that for the next 5 until my salary has almost doubled. We can afford to stretch a little for the first year since our salaries are only going up from here.


I AM SO EXCITED to be looking! It’s exciting to see what we might be able to get in terms of homes. The kids are going to go crazy. This is the only home they’ve ever known. They’re excited and sad that we’re going to leave. We started getting them ready last year, that way it’s not a surprise and they have time to get used to the idea. They are used to it, if not happy about it.


Wish me luck!

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  1. youmeanme says:

    How exciting! Good luck!

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