Family matters

Hubby is a card. He loves teasing me for things that I know I do. I am a little worried about starting the job in a couple of weeks. One of the things I focused on for a minute was that fact that my fingernails are all raggedy and short with paint on seven of them because I got the fake nails taken off. I need to take the rest of the polish off before I start. I said as much to Hubby and he said, “Absolutely! What kind of impression would you make with such nails?! I can’t believe you’re going in with nails like that!” All with a big smile on his face and the most sarcastic voice I’ve ever heard. Dork. He has a little bit of a point. I do want to get the polish taken off so that I don’t have polish on seven and not the other three, but they didn’t hire me for my fingernails, and they’ll grow out soon enough. See what I mean? Perspective. In a way that usually makes me groan or laugh and almost always roll my eyes.


We saved some money a few days ago. It was hot out, but the kids had been inside all day so, in the evening, Hubby took them outside and set them to washing my van. We have one of those extendable brushes and they had a bucket of suds and sponges. Of course, the boys ended up playing catch with the sponges and having wars with the water. At one point Older Boy decided that the best place for his bottom was in the pail of suds. Of course, Younger Boy had to follow suit. They had a blast and my car got clean. A win for all.


The boys are helping me economise and offered to sell all of their worldly possessions to help me pay off debt. I have reassured them that we do actually have money and we’re not hurting at all, but they want to figure out ways to help. They are always on the lookout for coupons and deals for me. They have calmed down on wanting to see their stuff for bills, but now they want to sell it all to get money for themselves. Now that they have stuff to use it on, they want more. I can sympathize.


Yesterday, Older Boy asked if I’d give him enough money for a vendor’s license. I asked him what he wanted to sell and he didn’t know. All he knew was that he needed a license to sell things (he learned it from a Disney show) and that he wants to sell something so that he can have more money. I want to encourage them, but I explained that he needed to figure out what he wanted to sell first. He’s working that out now. Younger Boy is torn between wanting to fund his brother’s dreams, and wanting things for himself. He was almost in tears in the store because he wanted a particular stuffed animal, but Older Boy really wanted a Nerf gun and didn’t have the money for it. He wanted to give Older Boy the money for the gun but that would mean that he wouldn’t have enough for the stuffed animal. His own wants finally won out, but it was a tense few minutes. In true younger sibling fashion, he adores Older Boy and wants him to have whatever he needs to be happy. They’re good kids.


Anyway, that’s enough bragging on my family for one day. They’re wonderful and I adore them all.



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