I’m listening to country music for the first time in 15 years. The funny thing is that there’s a channel that specializes in the country of 15-25 years ago, so I’m listening to old favorites. I’m actually skipping around between really old country and the stuff from the 90’s. I haven’t heard any of the new stuff yet because I’m having so much fun with the old stuff. I have no idea what new country sounds like. I’m sure I’ll get curious at some point. I don’t know how long this will last, but it’s fun to revisit a different period in my life. Our wedding song was a country song. Just like my reading, my musical tastes often take thematic runs. Oldies, hard rock, classic rock, punk, and now, apparently, country. Interesting.


I’m definitely not a country girl. I was a little suburban punk. I liked hard rock, too. I was never into country until after I left California and had been in Virginia a few years. Some of my friends liked it and so I agreed to come to a club in the area with them. It was fun. I got the Wranglers and the Justin boots. It was a fun time. I don’t remember how to two-step though. The music is pretty good as long as I stay away from the stuff that makes me weepy. I’m much more an upbeat kind of girl.


I don’t think I’ll be getting another pair of Justin boots. I’m OK with that. For me at least, it’s just music, not a lifestyle. I don’t really approve of the horse riding and rodeos and cow-poking. Why poke a poor cow?

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