Food prep

I found a list of entrees we like that I made a couple of years ago. It’s a whole page of choices. We tend toward the same few these days and I’m going to need to get a little more creative if we’re going to eat at home from now on. Goodness knows I have enough cookbooks. At last count I have about 15. Now it’s time to explore them instead of just collecting them.

We’re starting to make the boys eat what we’re eating, including veggies. They complain mightily, but they either eat it or don’t eat. They usually eat the bits they like then complain and take forever over the veggies until we finally give up and say they only need to take a couple more bites. I am walking a fine line between what we like and what the boys will eat. Balsamic chicken might be pushing my luck a bit even though Hu0bby and I like it. Older Boy has the partial desire to become vegetarian, but realizes that he doesn’t like many veggies and that most of his diet right now is meat. I am still working on variety and veggies, but I’m starting to get there. Really, he likes meat but acknowledges that there might be a problem with it. That’s cool. It’s a start. I’m never going to push it, but I’ve discussed it with him and given my reasons in an age appropriate manner. I’ve never shown him video of how the animals are treated or anything. He’s a compassionate soul, he might get there. If he doesn’t that’s his choice and I’m cool with it. We are going to be exploring vegetable choices with him though. The weirdo doesn’t like corn! Who doesn’t like corn?! Oh well. We’ll figure something out.


I’m going to have to update that list of entrees though. It’s a good place to start. We’ve added a couple and gotten rid of a couple, maybe it’s time to add them back. In any case, we are going to have to get more variety going for all of our sakes.


For a while I had planned out lunches and dinners and it was great. No more searching for what to eat, I could make it calorie correct, and I could add variety if I felt like it. Usually I didn’t mind eating the same couple of things for lunches, as long as I had variety for dinner. I need to start that again. Especially if I want to start losing weight again. My diet’s been in the cruddy zone for a few weeks now. Time to get back on the good side of myself and stop feeling cruddy, too.



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2 Responses to Food prep

  1. Mom says:

    Remember what your Aunt Susie did: her children detested liver and onions, however, they loved ‘velvet steak’. The point is that sometimes, renaming an item makes it more palatable.

    • Too funny! They are pretty unspoiled when it comes to foods that Hubby and I eat, they’re trying a lot of them for the first time. I made bbq pulled pork and Older Boy ate two sandwickes of it, but didn’t like the same meat made into carnitas. Oh well.

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