Spending Fast

Well, it’s not going as well as I’d like. I ended up spending close to $200 on groceries. Then, today I had to go buy a new alarm clock. Mine, which was originally Hubby’s from before we met, has finally quit on me. Over 20 years later, it’s finally only alarming sporadically. Not a bad run though. Besides that, we had pizza a couple of nights ago because I tend not to meal plan for weekends. I need to do better about that now that we’re going to be eating home a lot more often. Next time we want pizza, I’m going to have to make it. I still have the recipe from the Tightwad Gazette for the pizza crust, and a food processor to make it in. Pretty yummy.


We had to get rid of the particleboard armoire that we’d been using as a pantry because some soda spilled who knows how long ago and had molded in the back corner. It weakened the whole thing so we had to disassemble it and clean. We went out and got a shelving unit instead. We needed something there because there just isn’t enough storage in the kitchen for pots, pans, plastic storage tubs, and all of my small electrics (blender, mixer, food processor, chopper, griddle, and all the rest). So the electrics are on the shelves along with the big bags of animal food. It works. And it looks better than the armoire did. But, that’s another expense.


The spending fast isn’t going well so far. But it’s only been a few days. I can still pull this off. Hubby actually suggested we not spend anything this week so that we have enough money to last the pay period. He’s on board whether he admits it or not; he wants my plan to succeed. Really he just wants enough money left over to last the pay period and allow us to have a little fun. Not a problem. He’s willing to do a Sunday meal prep for the week to keep from spending, and I’m willing to keep to the house doing housework and reading for the week. We’ll get this done.


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