Reading trends

Here lately I have been all over the place in my reading. I read a personal finance book, followed by two fantasy novels, and now I’m reading a business book, Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office. My thought process is that, if I can go into my career with the skills I need to succeed, it’s going to save me a lot of pain down the road when I have to learn these things that hard way. I’m reading about presence and mistakes women make in business. I’m reading about how to balance my personality with professionalism. I’m also taking it all with a grain of salt. I can’t just be a cookie cutter business woman. For one thing, that’s not the environment I’m going into. For another, I refuse to change who I am at a basic level just to get promotions. I will still be me, I’d just like to be a professional and confident me at work.


Anyway, my reading has been eclectic to be sure. I usually get on theme kicks. Personal finance, homesteading and home care, horror, sci-fi/fantasy, self-help. I will read a ton on that specific topic for a month or more. For me to skip around like this is strange. I’m loving it though. I don’t feel like I’m constrained by any genre. I’m reading through the books that are in my TBR pile and some of the new ones that I bought more recently. I am still interested in personal finance and home stuff and all of that, I’m just threading some other interest through as well. I know it’s how normal people read, but I’m just now trying it out for the first time since I don’t know when.


Goodness knows I have a variety of books waiting for me in my pile. Business, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, finance, accounting textbooks, non-fiction, self-help… I’ve got them all. If I can keep going wherever my feelings take me with the end of each book, I think I’ll get a lot more out of them all. After a while, all the personal finance stuff starts to sound the same. There are a lot of conflicting self-help books as well. It gets hard to keep all of the differing theories apart and figure out which ones might work best for me. If I can skip around a bit, it might be easier to digest each book. We’ll see how long this lasts though. I am a creature of habit after all.

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