We got a new kitten a week ago.



Her name is Myra, she’s two months old, and she weighs in at 2.5 pounds (1 kg or so). The shoes in the background are Younger Boy’s size 3’s. The black blob in the foreground is the back of a lap desk. So far she’s doing well. She’s gotten accustomed to the house and Dasher, the king of the house (our 15 pound cat who is the loviest boy in the world), seems to be getting used to her as well. Kayla, the dog, isn’t fazed by her at all. And, we’re dog-sitting my in-law’s girl as well. Four animals in the house and I love it. Who knew I was such an animal person. Cats especially. Hubby gave his grudging consent after we came back from vacation. He thinks she’s cute, he just won’t admit it. The kids didn’t know about it until I brought her home. (I didn’t want them arguing over which animal to get and that sort of thing so I went by myself and fell in love with that little face)


I know, I was talking about saving money as soon as we got back from the trip, and the next day I went out and got a kitten. More vet bills and food (although I bought the giant bag so she should be good until she grows out of it). In my defense, I’ve wanted another cat for a really long time; she was not an impulse adoption. We got her from a shelter and they were even having a sale on kittens! She cost all of $25. Of course the vet bill to get her checked out and started on her vaccinations was WAY more than that, but that’s OK. She’s worth it. She’s not much for petting, but she sure likes to snuggle!

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4 Responses to Myra

  1. poormel says:

    frugality is about value, and investing in nearly two decades of joy and love is the most value for money ever. she’s beautiful x

  2. youmeanme says:

    Congratulations on the new addition! She’s a cutie

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