Hello again!

Hello there! I’m back online. I wasn’t just away from tech for a week, we went on our summer vacation! It was a blast. We went to Great Wolf Lodge, a resort with a whole waterpark inside! There are about eight water slides, a huge water spewing fort to climb around on, a lazy river, a wave pool, a pool with four basketball hoops and about a dozen balls floating around, and that’s all indoors. There is also a bowling alley for kids, an arcade, a kids and an adults spa, a ropes course, mini-golf, four different quests for the kids to go on (spanning four floors of the hotel but not near the rooms so the kids don’t disturb guests with their questing), and several places to get food. We went for 6 days and only left the property to buy more books to read on our downtime. It was amazing and it’s our go-to vacation for the next several years I think. We went to the water park twice a day at the insistence of Younger Boy, and we got discount passes that gave us a whole bunch of the side stuff for reduced prices (like 30% off). It was a $2500 trip for a week, but we had a blast and it was totally worth it. We had $2000 saved for it so we put most of it on the credit card, but we had to dip into that savings to pay for the balance of the trip, and we’ve decided to leave $1000 of it in savings for a bumper fund (it worked out really well for us last time). So, we’ve sent $500 to the credit card, but we’ll still be able to pay off the card, it’ll just take an extra month (or some extra overtime by Hubby).



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