I am a researcher. Not as a job, though that would be cool, but as a person who likes knowing things and planning things out. I just spent a couple of hours planning a fictional trip to Disney World. Hubby and I went on the timeshare “tour” a couple of weekends ago and I thought it actually sounded kind of neat. Hubby found the Armed Forces Vacation Club. I just spent two hours researching whether the club had better deals than I could get elsewhere. There are some good deals there but it’s worth checking Trip Advisor to make sure it’s a deal. As always, I got carried away in my research and ended up planning the entire vacation to Disney for two months from now. Nevermind that it’s for the week that my mother-in-law (who would be paying for the trip) is back at work after the summer vacation, but I have no idea when I’m starting work or anything. It was just me going overboard on planning the way I always do. I told my M-I-L about it and I think she thought I was seriously saying we should go then. I think I scared her. I have since explained that I told her so that she could laugh at what a dork I am. It is absolutely typical of me to do this. It’s why Hubby only lets me loose on a research project when I have nothing else planned for the day.


I am a planner by nature. I have no idea if it’s part of the anxiety that I feel or if it’s just me, but I do know that I adore it. If something interests me I will find out all I can about it (as you all know from my book reviews where I’ve read dozens of books on the same few topics). Every year or so I run retirement calculations that have nothing really to do with reality. I don’t factor in inflation, I assume no one is getting a raise and there will be no interest on our retirement accounts. It comforts me to think that this is the worst case scenario and to find out if we’ll still be OK. Generally the answer is yes.


I have read blog after blog and book after book on personal finance and frugality. Much of it says the same few things, but I always read anyway, just in case there’s something new or something is said in a way that really connects for me. I always want to learn as much as I can when starting a new venture, but sometimes that learning eclipses actually doing anything about it. I spend so much time researching that I get lost in information and can’t find a way to start actually doing something. I love going down the rabbit hole, but I have to learn how to get out again.I’m getting better as I get older, though.

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