Random stuff

I was able to buy my two pound block of glycerin soap yesterday. $5.89. Not bad for a dozen bars of soap. That’s 50 cents a bar. It’s olive oil glycerin soap. I figure I should try the olive oil thing that everyone’s so crazy about these days. This is an easy way that doesn’t waste valuable cooking oil. Olive oil, good olive oil, which is what we have right now, is expensive and I’m not going to waste it on my face or hair.


I seem to have a nice rhythm going to my laundry. I get caught up by Thursday then don’t do any over the weekend, then get caught up again by the next Thursday. It works. I haven’t been hanging it though, I’m using the dryer. I know, it’s a power hog and unnecessary, it’s just so easy. Not an excuse though. I’m supposed to be trying to save money. What with summer on the way and our air conditioner running, saving money by not running the dryer and heating up the house is a good idea. I guess I’m going to have to start doing laundry over the weekend now to keep up with it. I’ve been having the boys help me though. Younger boy can load the washer but can’t start it, and Older Boy can move the clothes from washer to dryer and start it. Then I get them to “help” me fold. Mostly they dance to the music I fold by, but they do help a little. And then they put their own clothes away (in a big pile, I don’t know why I bother folding their clothes when, as soon as they pick it up in their room, it gets unfolded and they just stuff it in the drawers).


We’ve been living quite a bit from the stockpile I’ve built up over the last six months. We have enough coffee to last until this time next year, we have toilet paper and paper towels to last quite a while – especially since we’ve been moving toward using hand towels more than paper towels -, we have pasta forever, and same with salad dressing. I bought a case of tissues, so we’re good on those for a while as well.


I’ve had to buy meat lately, but it’s been on sale and cheaper cuts. We’re getting better about planning meals and staying in to eat. I took the kids out for lunch on Wednesday to a buffet that they love but that we’re not crazy about. It’s fine, just not as good as a regular sit-down restaurant. Hubby pretty much hates the place, so it was a good time to take them. I had them home that day because, every once in a while, I like to keep them home for no good reason. Wednesday was just such a day. Lunch is always cheaper than dinner as well. It worked out well for everyone.

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