Well, we went to Williamsburg for the timeshare pitch yesterday. We were expecting an hour and a half of someone talking about the property, maybe getting shown a unit. Nope. We got there, then got in the car with our “tour guide”, and were taken on a 4 1/2 hour tour of Williamsburg with lots of stops and sales pitches interspersed with the lady that was our sales lady talking about herself and somewhat amusing stories about her life and personal things that we really didn’t need to know.


We finally made it back to the sales area and she showed us the numbers. The offers that we got started at $28,000 and eventually went all the way down to $4900 or so. I would have considered the last one if they hadn’t kept us there for 5 hours already trying to sell us this stuff. The sales lady didn’t stop talking the entire time. I’m not actually kidding. She talked for almost 5 hours straight. I’m guessing it was to keep us from being able to think too much. By the time they got us to the actual sales pitch, I was so done listening to her voice that I was ready to refuse anything else she said. The deal sounded great, and it may actually be great, but I wasn’t going to buy it. I will admit that I want to research it some more, just to see, but Hubby is adamant that he won’t ever go through anything like that again and that he’ll never buy a timeshare from them in particular, or one in general.


We refused the sale and were told that we’d be getting our gifts. We were shown to another table where a lady tried to sell us again. Hubby had been done with the experience for about the last two hours, and so got a little free with his mouth. He said that we’d been there for 5 f*****g hours and he was done being sold to. This lady sucked in her breath and put her hand to her chest and said, “WHAT did you say?!” (as though she’d never heard such a word before in her entire life and was mortally wounded by it) Hubby said it again without the profanity, and she actually asked if he was going to be civil or not and that she didn’t appreciate being cussed out. That’s when hubby actually got mad. I saw the instant. I put my hand on his knee and told her to do what she had to do but make it quick, we wanted to be done. She said her spiel and we left with our gift card and free stays. No doubt they’re going to try to get us to buy in on the free stays, but we have already sat through their “tour”, and we are free to refuse to sit through it again.


Five hours though. My goodness. That was so very much more time than the “marketing department” led us to believe. We were told by the last lady that it was the marketing department that had told us that, as though she had no idea why they’d say such a thing and that they weren’t even the same company. She even told us that she was corporate, and still acted like they had no control over what marketing told us. Finally, after us saying that it had been 5 hours about 6 times, she said she’d make a note of it. It didn’t seem to faze her in any way that we’d taken that long. In other words, they already knew what was going on.


We hadn’t gotten breakfast before we left because we were expecting to have time once we got there to eat. Well, we only got there half an hour early because we ended up leaving late, so we had to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast. Had we not done that, neither of us would have lasted as long as we did. AS it was, I hadn’t taken my pills, so by the time we were finally being shown numbers, I was shaky and not thinking straight. Luckily I had some with me and was able to eat something and take them then (I’d forgotten that I had them with me earlier). But it had gotten so bad that my face hurt from clenching my teeth and smiling at these women, trying to be polite while I was slowly getting more and more tense and shaky.


So, all-in-all, we’ll never do that again. We’ll take a vacation, or maybe two, at their expense over the next year, and keep away from these sorts of things in the future. The gift card paid for a nice dinner with all the fixings (alcohol, appetizer, entrees, and desserts) last night. We needed it after the day we had.


Imagine what it would have been like had we taken the boys with us as they told us we could. Yikes! Their electronics would have run out and we would have been stuck with a 10 and a 7 year old, bored out of their minds and telling us that they wanted us to buy the thing. Uh, no. Thanks go to the in-laws for watching them all day and even taking them to the movies.

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