The new normal

Soon we’ll be getting the money that we’re not putting into retirement. We didn’t get it this pay period, but we’ll get it next. That sets up a new normal for me. I will pay the credit card first. It costs me a little pang to send that much money to the credit card, after all, it’s really nice seeing that big balance in the checking account but, needs must. We need to get rid of this debt before we move. The larger car loan will have to wait, but this we can do.


I wish I could get this kind of discipline in my eating! But, for this I only have to be strong once every two weeks, for eating I need to be strong all day, every day. Ugh. But, I’ll try. I have been kicking butt in the gym and that makes me want to not ruin all my gains by eating poorly. However, it’s a struggle against wanting to “reward” myself for all the hard work I’ve done. In the past, all rewards were food rewards. Food was celebration and comfort and reward and pain killer. I’m fighting against a lifetime of programming. And, there will be backslides and trip-ups, but I shall persevere. I think that’s our family motto. Either that or, “This too shall pass.” (I have no idea what the correct punctuation for that phrase is. Huh. Interesting.) I guess the new normal for food is less and better.


Soon the kids will be out of school and, hopefully, soon after that, I’ll start work. That’ll definitely be a new normal. I’ve had jobs in the last 15 years, just not many and not for long. It always ended up making more financial sense for me to stay home. We would spend what I made in child care while still having to rely on Hubby to pay everything else (including the kids’ tuition). Now I will get to have a job with daytime working hours that won’t keep me away from the family all the time. For the first year or so I’m going to miss some time with them while I’m studying to get through the (quite difficult I’m told) school that I have to pass to keep the job. But even with that I won’t be gone all night. And, I’ll be making enough to cover their tuition and after school care. Within a couple of years I’ll be making a little more than that and I’ll be on my way.


There are several new normals in my life, and I’m excited for all of them. I try to bloom where I am planted, and I am looking forward for the chance to bloom in a whole new way and place.

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2 Responses to The new normal

  1. youmeanme says:

    I love how you look at change!

    • Thanks. I am trying to look at it as normal rather than huge, intimidating changes that are coming and that I have no idea how they’re going to turn out, or if I can manage them. Lol!

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