First big payment to the credit card? Done! Love that! How weird is it that I can get excited about that? Not too weird I guess, because it means that we’re on our way to paying it off, and that’s definitely something to get excited about.


I ordered a thing for the kids yesterday. It’s from the Mail Order Mystery company and it’s just what it says. Over the course of several weeks they’ll send your kids (or whoever you get it for) a set of letters and documents with puzzles to solve, all on the way to getting the final package which is a keepsake of some kind to remember the mystery. THe mysteries from this company are geared towards 8-13 year olds. I had discovered another company called The Mysterious Package Company a couple of months ago. They are apparently the best in the mail order mystery business, but their experiences are geared toward adults, with scarier or more involved mysteries. There are a few people I’d like to do that for, but they’re expensive. I think the experience would be worth it, but I can’t afford to fling money around like that right now. The one that I got for the kids ended up being $88 USD. They are a Canadian company, so your final price is whatever the exchange rate works out to. I freaked out a little at the $111 price tag, but then I realized that that was in Canadian dollars. I was going to do it anyway, but it would have hurt a bit more. I have it set up to start the first week that the kids are on summer vacation. The one I ordered should run for six weeks I believe, with mailings once a week. That should keep them intrigued and entertained. I have it addressed to both of them because I didn’t want either of them to feel left out.


I know, on the one hand I talk about not wanting to fling money around, and in the very next sentence I say I spent almost $100 on an experience for the kids. That came out of our play money. It’s also less money than we spent at the carnival a couple of weeks ago. I’m not shorting us by doing it, and it’s a gift that I think the kids will remember for a long time. I certainly can’t wait to see how it plays out. I’ll let you know.



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