Paper and ink

My mother (Hi, Mom!) bought the kids a ream of newspaper style paper for their drawing and art projects at home. Younger Boy loves it. He cuts it up into “dollar bills” It’s a rectangle of paper with a number on it, usually, 1, 100,  or 10000. He gives these out to the family. Not sure what he’s expecting us to use them for but we always, quite graciously, accept. Thankfully, he’s slowing down on that and has started actually drawing on it now. But that means that we have dozens of pieces of art lying about the place at all times. And we can’t recycle even the ones of dubious value, because they’re his and he wants them. OK. So we’ve devised a drawer upstairs, in one of the cabinets that we never got around to giving away, where he can keep his treasures.


On the upside, he has created the best of all dinosaurs. He’s moved on and changed the way he draws them, but for a while he drew fat-bodied dinosaurs with long necks and faces full of teeth. They were adorably blood-thirsty. I’ll have to scan one and post it. I decided a year ago that I’m going to get one of Older Boy’s pieces of artwork tattooed on me (it makes me happy just to look at it), but I thought that might be unfair. Well, I’ve discovered that Younger Boy’s dinosaurs make me happy as well. That’s going to be what I get from him. It’s going to be at least another year before I can justify the expense of new ink, but I already have the pieces that I want saved and put away so that they don’t get messed up.


OK, I took pictures:


Is that the craziest T. Rex you’ve ever seen? It just cracks me up! And the flowers just make me smile to look at them. I have the picture framed and sitting in the living room where I can see it whenever I want. I know, I have strange taste in things to get permanently inked on my body but, to be fair, it’s my body and these things make me happy. I already have several tattoos and I love them all. I’m not one who’s going to regret them, they each mean something to me. Even the one that is on the front of my hip that is just a blob now after three pregnancies.Lol!


But, back to the paper, it cost my mom just a few dollars but has already brought hours of enjoyment to Younger Boy – and we’ve only gotten through about a quarter of it! I can’t wait to see what he does with the rest of it.

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