Paying things off, someday

We should start getting the extra money in Hubby’s paycheck next week from cancelling his retirement savings for the year. I’m excited to get started paying off the credit card. It’s going to be a challenge though. I need to make sure to pay the credit card first, before anything else, that way the money doesn’t get spent on other things. That’s a complete turnaround from the way I usually do it. Usually I pay things and then, what’s left after taking out our money, is what I send to the card. I’m still going to do that, too though. I’ll just pay the credit card twice – the initial transfer of the retirement money, plus another transfer of whatever’s left after I pay bills.


Ooohhh. I just set up a system of transfers that will allow me to put the disability money (which goes to a different bank) toward the credit card. That’ll have it paid off in six months and give us six months to save all of that. As long as I keep the payments consistent and don’t start “borrowing” from the retirement money, we’ll be good. That’ll give us a leg up on closing costs and such when we move.


I tried taking our play money down a notch this check, but we went to the carnival and spent so very much money that we are now running a little short. Already. It’s still a week before we get paid again. It’s frustrating because I know we can get by without spending much money – we do it all the time when we’re running short – , but I can’t seem to decrease our play money without something happening – something that we really want to do that ends up costing more than we’d planned – and suddenly we’re short again. We’re payday rich. We have a ton of money on payday but, by the end of that weekend we’re short again. I know, it’s a common problem, and part of it is my fault, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.


At least I’ve gotten our grocery shopping down. We’re now spending a third less than we used to. That’s not too shabby. Weekly shopping from a list and meal planning really helps. I’m not just buying random things that look good and hoping to use them soon. We’ve stopped eating out and getting pizza. So much so that the kids actually complained the other night that we hadn’t had pizza in so long! It’s been two weeks. And, they get pizza at school every other friday! Lol! Oh well. They have started eating what we eat most of the time. Older Boy just doesn’t like ham so, when we have it, he still eats chicken strips, but they ate what we did almost all week. That’s a victory in my book. I could get used to this. In fact, I think I will. We’ll start eating out once a pay period or so, and pizza once in awhile, but certainly not twice in a week like we did a month ago.  That was just ridiculous. The pizza guys may start wondering what happened to us though; I think they knew our names.


Anyway, that’s the plan. Save money where we can, get the play money down a little bit, and send all that I can to the credit card. It would be amazing to get it paid off in six months.





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