Being vegetarian, still

I am still met with disbelief within the family when I mention not eating meat. Last weekend at the family party, my brother-in-law asked, “You’re still doing that? How does that work?” Lol! Yes, I’m still not eating meat and I likely never will again. It works because my husband and I are supportive of one another. I don’t try to convert him (too much), and he is polite about his meat consumption and generally doesn’t make me handle or cook it. I am making sure that the kids know that their meat comes from real animals but I’m not, like, showing them footage from inside factory farms or anything. They know that I don’t eat meat and that it’s because I don’t want animals to die for my food.


The joke is, “How do you know someone’s a vegan? They’ll tell you, over and over again.” I don’t try to preach, but I will tell someone that I’m veg based if asked to eat meat, or asked about being vegetarian. I still feel guilty for not being vegan, but I’m not quite there yet. I’m getting better though; less cheese and more veggies. I need to start trying vegan cheeses. The only problem with experimenting with recipes or vegan replacement products is that it can get expensive. Especially if you end up not liking whatever it is. I’m not someone who will gut something down even if I don’t like it. I know I should be so that I don’t waste food, but I just can’t. But I do hate to waste food, so I tend to go with what I know is good. I’ll try one new recipe a week though I think from now on. That way I’m not stocking up on too much at once and not wasting a ridiculous amount of food because it all went bad before I could get to it. I did find out that I like asparagus. That was a chance I took that turned out well.


We’re still working on getting the kids to eat what we do. They absolutely refuse vegetables, but they’ll try the meats. That’s better than it used to be, so we’re making progress. They used to only eat from a selection of about five foods. Older Boy especially is getting better about trying new things.


Food is a big issue in our house. My life just about revolves around it right now. I’m planning and timing my meals and trying to count calories and exercise somewhat regularly. I’m not terribly consistent just at the moment, but I am making miniscule progress, so I’m counting that as a win. I’m working on getting more consistent and that’s going to be a challenge because I am such a routine based person and I’m going to have to make a new routine. I’m working on it though. I’ll get there. ANd, now that the interview period for the job is closed and HR has the names, it should only be a couple of more weeks before i get the email confirming that I’ve been hired. Once I start working (whenever that is), I’ll be walking a lot more and that’ll help as well. I’m trying to structure things so that this is as easy as I can make it. Easy is good in my world.

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