Weekly shopping and menu

It seems my shopping trips are going to be weekly now. That’s cool. I plan what we’re going to eat that week and I shop for it, paying great attention to what’s on sale and what I already have in the freezer. This week’s menu includes:

Roasted pork tenderloin with croissants (Pillsbury) and sweet potato french fries

Crock pot pot roast with baked beans and biscuits

ham steak with corn and rice

beef stew for them with biscuits, and frozen BBQ chi’kn wings for me

Leftovers for them and Morningstar spicy black bean burger for me


I eat the sides and they eat the meat. Monday I may make a frozen Gardein meal to fill out my menu. Lunches will be salad (a head of Romaine lettuce, one of green leaf lettuce, half a bunch of kale, broccoli tops, and a couple of handfuls of spinach in a chopped salad, made and put in a large tupperware container so it lasts the week for Hubby and I), or a cut up apple with almond butter and dipped in pain oatmeal. Snacks will be a banana and walnuts, a protein shake after working out, a granola bar (Kind brand), or just maybe, air popped popcorn with salt. That’s a treat though that I will save for when I’m really jonesing for something special.


I generally don’t make plans for the weekend. We eat pasta or whatever’s quick, maybe pizza, though we’re going to be doing that less often. We’re usually on the go and may get home late, in which case it’s every one for themselves with the kids getting chicken strips and the adults microwaving leftovers or one of the black bean burgers (they’re quick and even my carnivorous husband likes them). It may not be the most balanced menu, but it’s loads better than the way we used to eat. We haven’t been to a fast food restaurant in months and the only reason we went when we did was because my parents wanted to. I haven’t eaten fast food besides pizza in at least a year. But, that’s not to say that we were eating well. We ate a lot of processed things, and relied on junk food and treats. I still am eating frozen meatless meals, but that’s because I don’t have a store of recipes already. I need to start experimenting more with the several cookbooks that I have stacked up. For now, this week at least, I’m going to use what I already have, and that’s frozen Gardein yumminess.





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