Books and food


I quit reading Tony Robbins; book. I’m just not in a place where I can do the inner work the way he wants it done right now. It’s a good book, but I’m just not there. So, on to Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Recharged. I read her book, Your Best Body Now, and it was phenomenal. She is motivating and your biggest cheerleader. It was a quick read and I enjoyed every page. The book went through some generally good advice, before delving into specifics about what you need to pay most attention to by decade. This is the book she wrote before that one. Eating clean is something I’ve been trying to do more of recently, and this ought to be a good reinforcer. I got the companion Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian Cookbook as well. It’s always nice to find cookbooks that are exactly what you’re looking for.


I’ve been eating pretty poorly and only exercising a couple of times a week for the past couple of weeks. Today I am back to my low weight, so we’re going to see if I can keep that going.


I discovered last week that I can’t have any treats in the house for me at all for the next while. I bought a bag of chips and a couple of frozen creme brulees from Target (their desserts are awesome). The first day I poured a small serving of chips into a bowl and ate them and was satisfied. I also had one of the desserts. (430 calories, but soooo good!) The next day, I had the rest of the bag of chips, and the other dessert. I felt ashamed and slightly sick to my stomach. Proof, because I apparently needed more, that I can’t have treats in the house for me. I can get chips or ice cream for the boys and not eat it because, in my head, it’s designated theirs and therefore not mine. But nothing for me. I’ve been trying to cut down on the number of treats I bring into the house in general, so this should be easy enough. Assuming I don’t go shopping hungry like I did last week (hence the chips and creme brulee). That’s OK. I’m learning that I can live a fine life without sweets. Although, I did try some Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream at the family party Sunday and it was amazingly good. So, when I try sweets again, I’ll get a pint of that. That’s a while in the future though. Lessons learned this past couple of weeks.

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