Ramble much?

Yesterday I rambled all over the place! Sorry. I’m back in the rational world today.


As far as money goes, Hubby got a ton of overtime in this paycheck, but it’s all going to pay car taxes. Yuck. I was hoping to have a good start on paying down the credit card, but it’s not to be. I do love being able to pay the bills the day before we get paid (schedule them for payment today I mean), and know that there’s going to be enough to cover them and that we’ll have enough to live on and such. I know just how fortunate I am in that respect. I love online payment as well. I can do the bills today but not have any of the money taken out until tomorrow. That’s one less thing I need to do tomorrow. Yay!


Groceries are minimal this week. A little meat to fill in around the chicken and ham that I bought this week, and some more bananas. We got through bananas at the rate of about a dozen a week. When someone’s hungry after they’ve just eaten a meal, when you are about to eat but are starving while it cooks, with breakfast, when you want something sweet but want to be healthy, “have a banana!” It’s insane. Luckily they are generally pretty cheap. Those and apples are staples in our house. I’m still going with a list in hand though. I wasn’t kidding when I said that I don’t really think too much about cheating when I have a list in front of me. Shopping and eating become automatic. The great part about that is that it’s costing me way less to go shopping these days. I have cut my grocery bill about in half by shopping healthier and from a list. I went a little crazy a couple of days ago, and it cost me a ton. That was the big takeaway from that – if I want to save money, I can’t shop like I used to, for the things I used to. We used to have chips and ice cream and such in the house all the time. It gets expensive quick.I spent $50 on just a few things when I can get a whole cart full of healthy for $100. Whoever said it’s expensive to eat healthy has it all wrong. It’s expensive if you go for organic everything and gluten-free and all of the special diets, but just fruits, veggies, beans, pasta and such are super cheap. Even adding a little meat in there isn’t too bad if you’re going for cheaper cuts that can be thrown in a crock pot or whatever. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are great, but you can buy skin-on, bone-in chicken breasts for way cheaper and skin them yourself. Better yet, buy chicken leg quarters for 39 cents a pound and cook those up in the crock pot or the oven. The dark meat is higher in fat, but if it’s part of a healthy diet, it’s not going to matter that much. I know, a vegetarian talking about meat, but I didn’t stop eating it because I don’t like how it tastes!


The boys had chicken leg quarters last night. Cooked in the crock pot with a bottle of BBQ sauce that I stockpiled when it was on sale, and some veggies on the side (my main dish), it was delicious for everyone.


Anyway, we’ve started getting cheaper cuts of meat than the ribeye that I used to get and the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and such. Cook them right (Yay for cookbooks found at thrift stores or given as gifts!), and they are super tasty. My family hasn’t missed the other and, with the money I’m saving, I can afford to buy a couple of steaks for the boys when they are on sale. Younger Boy has been informed that he no longer gets to be super picky and is going to have to start eating what the other boys do. I’m not going to push vegetarian on my family, but I do tell the kids some of the truth when they ask. This morning that meant telling them that calves are taken away from dairy cows and the males are sold for meat. They will not be totally shielded from it, but I am not going to cram it down their throats (so to speak).


I’m rambling again, aren’t I? Ugh!

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4 Responses to Ramble much?

  1. youmeanme says:

    Not rambling at all! I love your style 🙂
    I’m totally with you on the healthy eating. I’m always surprised at what we can purchase when we stick with veggies, rice, pasta, fruit and some meat. ML is a carnivore so though I do try to have one meatless meal on the menu I know we won’t be vegetarians. Every time I’m confronted with the cruelty of the industry I want to swear off meat!
    I’ve been trying to track my easy menus recently as I know June is going to be insanely busy to I’m going to need all the help I can give myself to stay on budget and feed myself well.

    • Thanks!

      I watched Food, Inc., read Fast Food Nation, and The Omnivore”s Dilemma – all in a row. That did it, I haven’t eaten meat since. I’d advise watching the documentary last, to really bring it home. It really isn’the head to swear off meat, even if your family hasn’t. I’mean preaching, aren’t i? Sorry.

      I’mean actually working on more complex menus so that we don’the always resort to pizza or eating out! I know what you mean though, dinner is hard to want to do if it’s going to take an hour. Good luck! And don’the forget about good old grilled cheese as an option!

  2. youmeanme says:

    Preaching is good! I’ve got us down to poultry at the moment with the occasion steak or beef meatballs. It’s a matter of creating menus and meals that become go to Staples. I’ve got a vegan rice dish we love that’s part of that repertoire now to add more like it.
    This week I got us down to one meat dish! I’d love to see your menus!

    • That’sounds great! I’ll post my menu when I make it up next week. It’seems mostly meat that we have frozen or that we bought on sale, and some veggies for me. I don’t eat a ton at dinner, so I generally don’t stress too much about making meatless meals for the family, they get meat and I get veggies. I have to buy it still, but I take comfort in the fact that i’m buying less than I used to and stretching it farther.

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