Game on!

It’s looking better for moving next year after all! Yay! I talked to some actual mortgage people rather than just the lady at the bank who does customer service, and they all (three different people) said that not only would my income be counted for the mortgage, but we’d totally qualify for the highest amount I was willing to pay. I’m super excited and, given the loan requirements of the people I talked to, and the easier qualifications for a VA (Veterans Affairs…Administration?…I can never remember which it is, but it’s one of those) guaranteed loan – which is what we’d be getting – it’s looking really good for us to move next year. That means Older Boy won’t have to go to a meh school, and younger boy won’t be in Montessori anymore (boo). On the plus side, that gives us more money to pay off the van and save but, we really like Montessori for them. They’d be in really good schools though, so it’s OK.


I’m still going to have to go into full frugal mode to get this done. Meal planning, check. Groceries from a list, not so much. I went to Target to waste time yesterday before picking the boys up and walked out with $50 worth of snacks and cereal and beer and … just, stuff. It’s a thing with me, as soon as I start worrying about money, I go spend some. It’s like I need to get that last good shopping trip in before we’re out of money forever or something. I do the same thing with my diet, I eat an insane amount of crud just after I’ve decided I’m going to eat healthier. It’s my last hoorah. The thing is, it never is just the last hoorah, it’s the beginning of a shame spiral that ultimately leads to more spending or eating. So, we’re going to break the emotional spending and eating cycle. Lists and meal plans for every meal. It really does make it easier, you don’t have to think about it, so you never really get the chance to think about how to cheat. You just do what’s on the list in front of you. That’s how it is for me at least. I’ve done it successfully for a week or two, then I get lazy and decide not to plan for that next week and I end up eating like crud again.


Eyes on the prize, girlie! A nice house, in a nice neighborhood, with really good schools for the kids, and a skinnier, better butt for me! Lol! I have pictures in my head of the house that I want. I can go onto a real estate website and look at six of them and love them all. I don’t have a reference for being skinny, or even particularly fit. The last time I was thin was when I was 17, and I’m certainly never going to have that body again! The last time I was really fit was right after I got out of boot camp, 20 years and three kids ago. I have no idea what a fit body on me looks like. That makes it much harder to keep my eyes on that prize. Right now I’m starting to look at body parts that I want – bubble shoulders, muscular legs, a flat stomach, that one, single vein in my forearm to stick out maybe… – and starting to Frankenstein a picture together, but it’s really generic in my head and doesn’t look like me yet. I’m working on it though.


Anyway… Frugal, organized (at least a little), and healthy. That’s where it’s at. I dig it. At least I dig the concept, I’m going to dig the reality soon enough though.

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