Sick but reading

Sorry guys, I am sick. Caught it from Older Boy and it stinks. Hubby might have it as well. Sore throat, fuzzy head, and sniffles. I knew Older Boy was sick because Saturday he spent most of the day cuddled up to me on the couch. That never happens. He wasn’t up playing or even trying to play video games, he just snuggled. Definitely sick.


I’ve been doing some reading on disordered eating and even addiction. I highly recommend reading a book called Breaking Addiction by Lance Dodes. It deals with breaking all kinds of addictions, not just drugs or alcohol. It’s a short book, but packed with amazing things. I may or may not have an addiction to food, but I did get some life-altering insights from it. Everyone has something they do too much of sometimes. While it may not be an addiction, learning about them can be incredibly helpful in seeing your own self clearer. I got it at the library and I may end up buying it I was so impressed with it.


Now I am on to Breaking the Food Seduction. This one is why I say I may or may not have an addiction to food. It’s explaining cravings biochemically and making clear that many people do have addictions to chocolate, or cheese (one of mine), or even meat. The author advocates a vegan diet and explains why it’s good for you totally aside from the cruelty aspect. A vegan diet can literally clear clogged arteries without medication (in 86% of cases studied), it can even out PMS symptoms, it can help you lose weight, it can help you keep more calcium in your bones, it can help control diabetes…the list goes on. He eases you into it though so it’s not beating you over the head saying that you have to be vegan or else. He presents the science and goes from there to explaining how to break cravings (fiber and low GI foods) and that you need to exercise, then he’ll go on to the meal plan. I like the book and it may just be the push I need to finally go vegan all the way.


I bought vegan athlete books because that’s how I need to be eating. I need to be fueling my workouts and activity rather than eating the way I used to. They are both cookbook and motivation. I’ll be reading those once I finish my latest batch of library books.


Always books, huh? But it helps when I’m sick to have something quiet and peaceful to do. Plus, it’s me. It’s what I do.


On the bright side, I have blue, sparkly finger and toe nails, so that’s happy.

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