Pictures are here! And we’re moving in a year.

Now it’s time to start figuring out how they should go on the wall. I have some ideas, but we’ll have to actually lay them out and see. Our home is going to be a temple to us. We have pictures around the house from the last set of portraits that we had done (when Hubby retired from the Navy), and now we’ll have these of us and the grandparents up as well. And all of it will have to come down next year when we get ready to sell the house. One of the rules of prepping your house to sell is that you take down all of your family photos so that the buyer can picture their family in the house, not see yours there.


I’m still waiting on the big portrait that I got. I got a 16×20 inch gallery wrap style of the whole family portrait that’s going to go in the middle of our frame collage. The smaller ones will be arranged around it. Hopefully it all works out and looks nice. We have an entire wall to work with. I got a couple of different sizes of the smaller ones so that there will be some variation in the collage.


I’m new at this whole decorating thing, so I hope it works out. This is the first house I’ve ever gotten to decorate for real. Every other house it was someone else doing the main decorating, or it was rented so we couldn’t do much to it. It was so stressful to pick out the paint! I agonized for hours until Hubby finally got sick of me asking him to look at paint chips and said to do whatever with it, and that if I hated it, I could always change it. Turned out all that agonizing was for the best because I’ve loved the walls for 10 years now. But, next year, back to white they go. Offer the buyer a blank canvas to work with, not everyone likes bold colors or even neutrals. White is always good though because it offers the buyer the chance to imagine anything they want.


I’ve moved many times in my life. We moved about every three years until I was in middle school, then I moved after high school, again three years later, again a year after that, twice more in the subsequent year, again a year later, again a year after that, again a couple of years later, three years later, and now, next year. All of those after high school were apartments or places I shared with others until this house. But the lessons I learned growing up about how to sell a house really stuck. White walls, no family pictures, rent a storage space and put about half of your belongings in it so the house doesn’t look cluttered (because everyone’s house looks cluttered just from normal living), set the table like you were about to sit down to a nice meal together, the smell of cookies baking or oranges and cloves and cinnamon is attractive to buyers (scented candles or a pot of good smelling common spices simmering on the stove – nothing exotic, just potpourri type stuff), get the house inspected before you put it up and address whatever issues the inspection reveals (put the inspection and the documentation of your fixes out for the potential buyers to see)… All kinds of little things to make selling easier and quicker. I know, you weren’t looking for a primer on house selling, but it’s on my mind now that I’m planning to put up yet more pictures of us.


We’ll be putting the house up in almost exactly a year, so I’m starting to think ahead. Painting and little fixes around the house that have been fine until now really need to get done before we’re ready to sell. All those nagging little honey-do’s. Well, I’m honey these days and I’m going to have to do them finally. At least I’m starting to plan now and not waiting until the last minute. That will make things easier; I can budget my time effectively.


In the meantime…pictures! Yay!

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