Slow days

Things are getting slow around our house these days. The routine is kicking in. I registered the kids for three weeks of summer camp. Really it’s just to give me a break and allow them some extra play and sun. We’ll be visiting my parents for a couple of weeks in there and taking a family vacation as well. It should be a fun summer. We still have a couple of months of school to get through first though.


The kids have their Spring plays coming up next month. They are deep into rehearsals, so Young One is singing little snatches of songs to himself around the house. Meanwhile, Older Boy is stressing out about the costume he’s going to wear. His teacher has one idea and he has another and it’s causing him much angst.


Mom is getting over the flu she caught as she left here, and Dad seems to be having a milder infection than she had. They’re never going to want to visit here again!


All in all, it’s slow days around here. Things have calmed down. I read the Extreme Transformation book, and it was OK. They tended to give short shrift to important subjects. As far as food addiction and emotional eating was concerned, all they had to say was that you needed to retrain yourself to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger, ask yourself if you’re really hungry before you eat, and some other trite thing. They didn’t tell you how to retrain yourself or anything, they just said that you had to. They wanted to include a full 21 day meal plan and recipes int he book, so their dealings with what they admit is the most important part of real transformation was a couple of pages for each lesson. I felt like some of the lessons could have been good if they had just explained or given them a little more room. But, that’s just me. The meal plans and exercise descriptions are important for those who are going to follow the plan to the letter. I may or may not.


I’ve ordered some vegan athlete cookbooks. The meal plans in the 21 day plan for the E.T. book were OK, but there was a lot of meat in them. From what I saw, they said you could build your own meals, but they didn’t give much guidance on how. Just high carb and low carb days with only one mention in passing that you should get about 20 percent of your calories from carbs on low carb days. I don’t even remember what the high carb day percentage was. It wasn’t exactly emphasized. Oh well. I like the idea of carb cycling, it has been around for years and it does work.I’ll need to get much more into planning than I am right now to make it work. Maybe in a couple of weeks when I’ve gotten used to planning again. I’m just starting to now.


Anyway, that’s all the news that’s fit to print today. Talk to you tomorrow!

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