Books, weight loss, and routines

Books, books, and more books! We have been going to the library lately to get books for Younger Son’s book reports. I got a couple of weight loss books, and Older Boy is reveling in manga. He loves the stuff and they have an entire wall of it at  our local library. He’s started a couple of new series and is devouring them.


I am reading Extreme Transformation. It’s a weight loss book from the couple that does a TV show by that name. They take overweight people and, over the course of a year, they support them and teach them how to carb cycle (mixing high and low carbohydrate days to lose weight – it’s been around for years and bodybuilders and athletes use it) and exercise. Most importantly though, they counsel them through the rough spots and help them get to the mindset that will allow them to keep the weight off. That’s why I’m reading the book, to see what they have to say and what kind of mental exercises and tips they have set up to get you there. Goodness knows I could use the push!


I am only a couple of chapters in, but so far it seems to be the standard, “Make a specific goal with a time limit. Explore your motivations and figure out just why it is you want to lose weight and write it down and keep it in sight whenever you can…” They are going to have to step it up if they want to impress me. I’ve done the goal setting and exploration of motivation. It hasn’t worked yet. But, there’s a lot of book left and I am going to read to the end because you never know where that “Ah-ha!” moment is going to come from.


I’m still in the middle of the Tony Robbins book as well, Money: Master the Game. I put it down when my parents arrived and haven’t picked it back up yet. Have no fear, I will. I was enjoying it and want to get back to it, but right now my focus needs to be on getting a routine together and getting healthier. (Darn it, I want to look good in a swimsuit!) I need to start saving for my plastic surgery, too. Oh, I didn’t tell you? Yeah, once I’ve lost the weight I’m getting a tummy tuck (at least). I have had three Cesarian sections to have my babies, my tummy is never going to be flat again without surgical intervention. I’m cool with it though. If that’s what it takes to make me feel like myself again, I’ll do it. I’m terrified of that bane of people who’ve lost significant amounts of weight: loose skin. I’m going to work my butt off (literally) to tighten everything as much as I can, but I’m not above surgery to get rid of the rest. I’m not advocating it for everyone, but for me, I already have plans for the tuck.


Anyway, I’m stuck in health mode for the moment. I apologize since it’s not green or thrifty, but this is where I am. I’m still getting good deals at the supermarket (37 cent Yoplait yogurt!), and I’m still trying to be green, but nutrition and exercise are where my head is these days.

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