Up to date

I just reconciled my checkbook officially. I go on the website almost every day and do some clean-up and checking, but I let the official reconcile (using the statements and double-checking against those) go for a couple of months. I knew I was off somewhere, but I didn’t know where, so, reconcile. I found some money, which is always nice. And now I feel much better.


I have got the laundry to within one load of being done. Not bad after a week of not doing it. Everything is even folded and put away(!). I am horrible about putting my laundry away. I’ll put my husband’s away and have the kids do theirs, but I always leave mine sitting in a pile. But, I’m feeling accomplished this week because it’s all put away.


I am focusing on my eating this week, trying to get that back under control after a month of eating takeout and restaurant portions. I went shopping and bought veggies and meats for the family and all manner of good things. I am trying to eat every three hours. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m going to try. I weighed myself this morning (I know, I know, you’re not supposed to weigh yourself every day. The scale is just right there though and I guess I’m going to have to move it so that I don’t keep doing this. I’ll make Mondays my weigh in day and that’ll be it) and I gained  pound between yesterday and today. I was upset until I realized that I actually drank water yesterday. I hadn’t been doing that lately, so the extra weight is all of that water. My body’s going to hold onto it until it feels like it’s getting enough regularly, then I’ll even out again. Ugh. That’s OK though, water is going to be my main drink for the foreseeable future, so I should get back to equilibrium pretty soon.


I got some great deals on groceries this week. I had to get rain checks for some of it, but that just means I’ll be able to shop at my leisure when the selection is stocked up again. The shelves were totally bare when I went yesterday to get some of this stuff. I mean, nothing at all there. But, I was able to pick up other things and now I have more canned corn and peas than you’d believe, enough deodorant for the boys for a year, and salad dressing for a long time. With a many salads as I’m going to be eating in the coming months, I’m going to need it.


But, all of this means that I’m up to date on several things: laundry, money, food, and exercise. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself right now.


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