Back to it

I’ve been taking a little break for the past several days to read and relax. I haven’t done anything on the bathroom after that first day, and I’m OK with that. I’ve been doing minimal laundry and dishes, and mostly just enjoying myself.


I did the right thing and went back to the gym Monday. I had an appointment with my trainer Wednesday, where we did all upper body because my knee was wigging out on me, and then I went back today to do some much needed cardio. The gym that I belong to has this thing called cardio cinema. It’s great. It’s a small theater, but instead of seats, they have elliptical trainers and stationary bikes (treadmills would make too much noise). Every day is a different movie. Today’s was the 1990’s classic Clueless with Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd. I came in in the middle and just biked my way through the last hour of the movie. I’ve always enjoyed the absurdity of it and how closely it sticks to Jane Austen’s book.


Anyway, I am back to the diet and exercise, I am back to doing my own housework, and I am back to writing after a three week hiatus. Things are slowly getting back to normal after the sprint for the bathroom to be finished. That was more activity in three weeks than I’ve done in months. I’m used to getting out and about nearly every day, but that was brutal. Hubby and I are going to hit the bathroom a lick this weekend and that should get me going back into it next week. I’m in the home stretch, it would be a shame to falter now.



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