Almost picture ready

The bathroom is in the last persnickety bits – caulking and covering up nail holes and another coat of paint over all of it.Mom and Dad have gone home and I am probably going to take a little time with this last part. We worked pretty much nonstop for three weeks straight, I deserve to take my time and, hopefully, get these last bits right. It’s all in the details. Overall I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out. We got all of the important bits done while my parents were here. It is a functioning bathroom, the tub just needs to be caulked before anyone tries to take a shower (baths would be fine if the tub was cleaned out). We have all the plumbing done and walls up and paint and trim up. We have a vanity with working sink, toilet, and tub with surround all done (but not caulked). I’m doing a tube of caulk a day so far. It’s going to take me about a week to get it all done, but it should look good once it’s finished.


I have been doing nothing but bathroom renovations for the last three weeks. I’ve barely read (one book), I’ve watched a couple of movies, but mostly it’s been hardware stores all morning, lunch, then bathroom all afternoon. Then collapse onto the couch for hard cider and TV, dinner, then bed. I took today off. I’m reading a fiction book and enjoying the pee-willie out of it. While they were here, we took a total of three days off of working on the bathroom. We went to Colonial Williamsburg one day, one day was Easter and we spent it at my in-law’s house with Hubby’s family, and the final day they were here we took off and just spent time, just the three of us. every other day we worked at least three hours. It would have been more, but Dad and I got hit by a car years ago – it shattered his hip and has resulted in huge loss of mobility and arthritis in both his hips and knees, and I fractured a leg and have arthritis as well as a misalignment of my kneecap that causes me pain sometimes. I think I walked up and down the stairs more in the last three weeks than I had in the past three years. Dad and I both wore out pretty quickly. We were trading pain pill recommendations and strategies the whole time he was here!


Mom was a huge help. She not only came up with a few good ideas for the bathroom, but also did my housework for me while I was busy with the bathroom. She washed and folded the laundry and washed and put away the dishes. She even took out the trash. Wonderful woman! It was nice to have a wife for a while. Useful people.


Anyway, Pictures may have to wait for a bit, but I promise to post them eventually. After all, I want to brag about how well it turned out!

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