Cleaning day

Grand Spring cleaning day. I’ve already gotten the bathroom, kitchen, and desk. I’m washing sheets and blankets. I still need to vacuum downstairs and change the cat litter. I refuse to get dressed today though – I’m cleaning in my jammies – so I regret that Hubby will have to change the cat litter for me. I’m not setting foot outside to throw it in the big trash can.


I’m noticing that my bookshelves are in a deplorable state. Books just stacked willy-nilly all over the place with no rhyme or reason, double stacked on shelves, and in no order at all. I mean, I have things a little arranged – my gardening and DIY books are all on one shelf, my writing books are together, my homesteading and household books are together. But, I have two bookshelves of to be read books that are just shoved on shelves ever which way. I’ve looked through them often enough that I have a general idea of where things are, but still, it’s messy. No time to tackle it today though. That’s its own day of organizing.


I’m taking a well-earned break for a few minutes. The rest of the family is over at the in-laws’ house helping my father-in-law with some yard work. That leaves me time to get the house clean in my own way. I have actually been pretty focused today. I have jumped from room to room a bit, but it’s all getting done. YAY! Punk music blaring, of course. Really, I get distracted when I have to carry something to another room. I see something in that room that needs to get done, so I do that, then I go back to the first room and do some more until I have to take something else to another room. I get distracted again and start really cleaning that room, leaving the first still undone until I’m distracted again and get back to it. Eventually it all gets done though. By the time I’m done today, the house will be clean. I have declared it, and so it shall be.

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1 Response to Cleaning day

  1. Oh, so much commiseration on the bookshelves. We have books everywhere in all sorts of situations. My philosophy, poetry, crafting/sewing, photography and cookbooks are all in their own places. Everything else is a free-for-all. I wish you much luck getting it all under control and will be filled with much awe when you do!

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